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Tag: beginner-friendly

Overriding Button Styles in Android

Published: 8/22/2016

Android comes with a ton of widgets, gizmos, and gadgets (maybe just widgets) out of the box, but it can be difficult to find one that works exactly how you would expect it to. My advice is this – find one that functions the way you want it to and override the styles to make it look the way you’d like. If that doesn’t work, you can always create a custom view, too! For now, let’s assume that will work, and I’ll show you a recent example where I decided to use Android’s ToggleButton, a widget…

Mighty Morphing Multimethods

Published: 8/2/2016

Type systems are a tricky thing. A lot of languages have very flexible type systems, such as F# with its inferred (and extremely well inferred at that) type system, or JavaScript with it’s untyped nature. Clojure hits a happy middle ground (for me, at least) – It’s dynamically typed (or “gradually typed”, if that’s your cup of tea). Why is the typing important? Polymorphism. Most of you probably learned polymorphism from your introduction to object-oriented programming course/book which was…

JavaScript: Generators

Published: 7/19/2016

One thing I’ve learned recently from Clojure (don’t worry, this post is about JavaScript) is that laziness is great. Lazy code is powerful code, allowing you to model things like infinite sequences or complex computations over a range of data. Without this laziness, an infinite sequence would cause a stack overflow or complex computations would bog down your performance when you may not even need to perform all those computations to begin with! Enter Generators With the latest rendition of…