TypeScript Tuples

Two artichokes on a gray round plate

TypeScript offers a plethora of types for developers to leverage, but some of the types may be ones that you’re unfamiliar with. Take the tuple, for example. JavaScript doesn’t have a concept of tuples, so figuring out how and when to use one might feel tricky. Thankfully, Tuples are pretty simple and are used by […]

Arrow Functions in PHP 7.4+

PHP arrow functions

PHP is finally getting arrow functions (also known as Short Closures)! I know, I know. I’m just as excited as you are. Here’s everything you need to know about arrow functions in PHP. First, arrow functions are an approved RFC for PHP 7.4. If you’re using a version of PHP that’s lower than 7.4, you […]

How to read from a file in PHP

Files stacked ontop of one another

Reading from a file in PHP is an extremely common problem to solve. You may keep configuration variables in an environment file, or perhaps you pull in HTML from another file. Either way, you need your PHP code to read the contents of those files. Good news: It’s actually a fairly simple task to perform! […]

What is Laravel’s Homestead?

Laravel is, as far as PHP frameworks go, extremely popular. In their guide, the Laravel community recommends you use Homestead as your local development environment. But what is Laravel’s homestead and why use it? Laravel’s Homestead Homestead is Laravel’s suggested development environment for building Laravel applications in PHP. Homestead is packaged as a vagrant box […]

Developer Advocacy, JAMStack, Blogs, Twitch and more w/ Jason Lengstorf

Jason Lengstorf appeared as a guest on a recent episode of my Podcast, Design Doc. I’ve had a request for transcripts, so I tried an AI-powered transcription service and will post the transcript below. Unfortunately, it’s broken up into two separate pieces, but it should be fairly easy to follow. Brad Cypert (00:00): Thanks for […]