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Tag: nlp

Something NLP-ish in Clojure

Published: 7/17/2018

I started writing this article almost 2 years ago. While some things have changed (interests, time, priorities), I thought about this the other day and thought it was too neat to just let die. I came back into this article today and tried to fill out a few of the lesser detailed areas and decided to just hit publish to ensure the code, thoughts, and process was shared with you all. Sorry that it’s not of my usual quality. I left the above for prosperity but most of my efforts at this time are…

Using NLP to Categorize Customer Feedback in Clojure

Published: 12/23/2016

First – an apology. It’s been a long while since I’ve written and I kind-of dropped my last series on it’s head and left it to rest. If you were particularly interested in the Zero-To-Hero for Android Development, let me know. I’ll pick it back up. The reason I stopped writing it was because the community sentiment was straight-forward — they wanted more Clojure! Then, I became a bit confused with my next steps as a developer and got mixed up in Rust. Turns out, that’s not for me and I’m in a…