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Tag: mobile

Flutter routing inside of the Scaffold

Published: 8/11/2020

If you’re coming from React Native to Flutter, one of the first things you’ll likely ask is “How do I do routing?” First, I’d ask you to consider if you actually need routing. Instead, could you just have a global state that determines which screen to show? In most cases, probably. But if you want things to feel right when building Flutter for Web (or want decent deep linking support), you’ll probably want to build your flutter app with routing. Routing can easily be accomplished via the…

5 Things You Should Know Before Deploying Your Ionic App

Published: 2/23/2015

I’ve been out of the mobile app world for almost two years now, and it certainly has had some interesting advances, but the thing that drew me back in – Ionic. Ionic is an extremely powerful “hybrid” (air quotes around hybrid because it’s certainly not obvious) mobile app SDK. It recently hit version 1.0-BETA but don’t let that scare you. Hundreds of Ionic apps have been created and thousands more are in development even as we speak. What makes Ionic beautiful? I’m able to write my entire app…