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Tag: eloquent

Building a Simple API in PHP using Lumen

Published: 1/22/2017

Alright, at it again with another PHP post. Hopefully this doesn’t dislodge my blog from the newsletter from writing too much non-clojure. The other day I wrote a post about using Slim with Eloquent to build a simple API. It was a fun project and I decided to share it with the PHP subreddit. Thankfully, the PHP community is far better than I remembered it — we created a lot of great feedback and had a few discussions about Lumen . What is Lumen, you ask? Well, it’s a…

Building a Simple API in PHP using Slim & Eloquent

Published: 1/16/2017

I’ve been exposed to a lot of PHP recently! I’ve been reviewing a course on functional PHP for a publishing company (link will be added once it’s released) and my friend has recruited me into working on an API that’s written in PHP using the Slim framework. I figured now would be a good time to write about my recent findings! Slim is a microframework , similar to Flask or Sinatra but for PHP. I’ve been pretty reserved about PHP in the past (It was the first language that I was paid to write…