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Tag: devops

Building a CI/CD Pipeline for Dart Packages with Github Actions

Published: 10/5/2020

If you look back at any of my blog posts, you’ll likely find an introduction like “Recently I was exploring…” This time is no different. I’ve been exploring Dart (and have dreams of a frontend framework written in Dart) as well as Github Actions . At work, we recently migrated TeamSnap UI (our open source component library) from our internal CI pipeline to use Github actions and it’s worked out really well. I’ve been writing Essence (a Dart virtual DOM implementation) and decided that…

Deploying from Azure DevOps to DigitalOcean

Published: 2/19/2020

Azure DevOps is one hell of a tool, but is it still an option if you don’t want to deploy code to Azure? Well, yes, although it is a lot easier to deploy to Azure than anything else. This makes sense given how the two integrate and are owned by the same company. However, I’m going to show you how I deploy from Azure DevOps to DigitalOcean . Deploying from Azure DevOps to DigitalOcean isn’t as difficult as it may seem. In fact, with Azure DevOps’ build pipelines and a few modules, you can…

What Is Gradle Scan?

Published: 4/17/2019

A Gradle scan is a build scan that provides insights into how your build ran and why it did what it did. Once you’ve generated a scan, you can share that with other members of your team (or anyone who may help diagnose issues) via a URL. Here’s a sample scan ! Creating a Gradle Scan Creating a Gradle scan is extremely easy! In your existing gradle project simply run ./gradlew build --scan or gradle build --scan if you’re not using the gradle wrapper. You’ll be prompted to accept the Gradle…

Simple NPM Wrapper using NVM

Published: 6/7/2018

Node has always done a pretty good job of not requiring a specific version of NPM to execute most of it's commands properly. However, with the recent addition of the package-lock file (and the recent tinkering of the package-lock file across some of the more recent releases of NPM), it's starting to become a bit of a pain to manage.

Provisioning a Development Environment for Clojure Web Services via Ansible and Vagrant

Published: 4/12/2017

Welcome back! DevOps has always been an area of interest for me, however I’ve not really had much of a reason to get into it. At CARFAX and LinkedIn, there were teams dedicated to the DevOps side of things. However, I’m picking up steam with a couple of projects that have me at the helm, and I’m seeing a more and more prevalent need for DevOps in these projects. What problems does DevOps solve? Lots of them! Copious amounts of problems, in fact. Here are a few examples: Ensuring Developers can…