Bradley S. Cypert

Staff Engineer, Engineering Manager

812-207-3552 Louisville, KY

Note: I’m available for hire. I’m particularly interested in remote work at this time.

Recent Experience Android Architect 2018 – present Senior Software Engineer 2017 – 2018
Granular Senior Software Engineer 2016 – 2017
LinkedIn UI/Engineer 2015 – 2016
CARFAX Software/Frontend Developer 2013 – 2015

Cozy Technologies

Clojure Javascript CSS Java • Kotlin Scala Groovy Python Objective-C

Cool Things I’ve Worked On

Linkedin Campaign Manager Worked with a team of twelve to completely overhaul the existing campaign manager to bring up to speed with LinkedIn design principles. During my time on the team, test coverage increase two-fold.

Timebeard A SaaS centered around virtualizing time capsules. Developed and designed the entire thing from scratch. Tech Stack: Meteorjs, Material Design, SASS. Worked with a team of 5 to create AngularJS Applications and RESTful services in grails to power the website and it’s respective mobile applications. Worked with a team of 7 to create an online portal for dealers to access all of the benefits that CARFAX can offer them. The app is written in Grails and it’s powered by several batch applications.

Nissan’s Pre-owned Certification Process Nissan’s Pre-owned certification process was a Grails Application that integrates tightly with CARFAX to check the history of vehicles before certifying it as a Nissan Certified Pre-owned Vehicle.

Porios A social network aimed at connecting people with podcasts and people with other people who share similar podcast interested. The backend is written entirely in Clojure (Ring webserver) leveraging Compojure routing, JWT authentication, and a Postgres DB. The frontend is an Angular2 typescript SPA.

Conference Talks

KC/DC – June 2015 – There are dozens of JavaScript server-side frameworks (Express, Sail.js, Total.js) but none of them give you the full-fledged integration with the client-side like Meteor.js. Due to this, I believe Meteor.js is the best solution for the standard SPA that needs a supporting database and hopefully, by the end of this session, you’ll be a believer too. Feel free to bring a laptop and follow along as we’ll cover building a basic meteor application during the session, if time permits.