When I was learning Clojure for the first time, I had two references that I found myself reading every single day. The first resource is a fantastic guide by Daniel Higginbotham called Clojure for the Brave and True. The second resource that I found myself using allowed me to immerse myself into the Clojure community and figure out where people were focusing their efforts – Planet Clojure. Planet Clojure is a metablog that pulls in blog posts from a vetted list of Clojure developers. In fact, you may have even seen some of my posts on there, too! Unfortunately, when I picked up Kotlin, I couldn’t seem to find a Planet Clojure for Kotlin, so I made

KotlinToday is still new and consists of a very small list of bloggers that I’ve followed until it’s inception. I still follow them, but instead of checking each blog individually every day, I can just go to and find the latest posts from these individuals. Anyways, there is no major post, tutorial or announcement other than this. I merely wanted to spread the word for other Kotlin Developers so that they are aware of!

If you’re interested in having your blog listed on, please feel out the super-short form in the sidebar of the site. Thanks!

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    1. Thanks! I’ll be working on some improvements to it going forward and that’s definitely one of them. The reason posts aren’t showing up there is because we don’t actually scrape the content and claim it as a post (I dont want to plagiarize!). Instead, we pull in those RSS feeds every hour and generate a snippet and store that in our db and display the snippet (and links back to the original) on Thanks so much for the appreciation and suggestion! I’ll work on that going forward!

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