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Dart Mixins Guide

Published: 4/24/2021

There are a lot of forms of inheritance. Abstract classes, interfaces, some languages have "traits", and in Dart, we have Mixins (and abstract classes and implicit interfaces, too). Mixins are a way to reuse class code in multiple class hierarchies. How do you declare a Mixin in Dart? Mixins require using 2 different keywords to fully make use of them in Dart. First, we use the mixin keyword to declare a new mixin. Our mixin can then be applied to other classes using the with keyword…

Level Up by Learning How to Ask Questions

Published: 3/11/2021

There are several differences between junior and senior developers, but one of the most noticeable differences is around how they communicate. In development, questions are one of the most common forms of communication. Here are some tips that I have to help you ask senior-level questions. Ask a question. This one might seem obvious, but if you're looking for an answer, start by asking a legitimate question. "My code doesn't work" is not a question. "How do I make this code work?" is better, but…

Reusable SimpleDialog Bodies in Flutter

Published: 1/17/2021

SimpleDialogs are an insanely simple way to display immediately actionable items while conforming to the Material Design specification. They're recommended for use when you need a flexible dialog that doesn't leverage text buttons. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Material Spec for SimpleDialogs and once you're back on this tab, we'll dive into their implementation specifically for Flutter. SimpleDialogs in Flutter Alright! Welcome back! SimpleDialogs in Flutter are actually…

How to query flutter dimensions with MediaQuery

Published: 12/24/2020

One of the key selling points for building Flutter applications is the framework's options for building responsive mobile applications. However, it's easy to find yourself overwhelmed by the many options that are available. Often times, you'll want to leverage BoxConstraints, LayoutBuilder, AspectRatio, FittedBox or maybe even the rare FractionallySizedBox. You might even be able to keep things simple by sticking to Flex widgets. However, you'll likely find yourself in a predicament where, for…

An Introduction to Targeting Web Assembly with Golang

Published: 12/5/2020

Don't get me wrong, I have written a ton of JavaScript, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I like the language. TypeScript, although not something a browser can simply execute as is, has done wonders for me but Im still left yearning for other alternatives to JavaScript. Enter Web Assembly. When I had first heard of web assembly, my feelings weren't of excitement. I had written a tiny bit of assembly in college and the idea of shoving assembler instructions into chrome devtools sounded like…

Migrating from Wordpress to Gatsby

Published: 11/21/2020

Well, It's been a long time coming, but I've finally migrated off of wordpress and onto something I'm a a little more comfortable regularly working with. What did I choose (Spoiler: It's Gatsby)? How did I migrate everything? Read on to find out more. As spoiled above, I decided to migrate off of Wordpress onto Gatsby. Gatsby is a static site generator that has a huge plugin ecosystem and exposes your content via a GraphQL api. Due to Gatsby's flexibility, I actually had a lot of options with…