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Posted on October 23, 2014  (Last modified on October 23, 2022 )
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Who is Brad Cypert?

I’m passionate about Flutter, Rust, Go, and Frontend development.
I’m also passionate about being passionate about things.

From the Beginning.

I started writing my first bits of ‘code’ playing a game called Anarchy Online. The game offered a neat scripting system and a HTML rendering engine that was way ahead of it’s time. After realizing how cool that was, I took some Java classes in highschool. After realizing how cool THAT was, I decided to make a career out of it, pursuing it through college and self-education. Now, I openly seek out opportunities to educate others and further my education.


I can list dozens of languages I can “Hello World” in, but I’m not going to. Instead, I’ll tell you that I’m currently focusing most of my efforts on Scala at this time. I’ve accumulated a lot of experience with Clojure too. That being said, my day-to-day consists primarily of JavaScript. I’m currently trying to learn F#, too.


If I’m talking about something at a conference, event, or meetup, It’s probably something I’ve blogged about or am about to blog about. If you can learn something from me, I don’t believe you should have to listen to me talk about it when the internet offers a great medium for transcripts via my blog.

More Information Than You Could Possibly Want.

In my spare time, I craft ideas for several tabletop games that I play. I try to contribute to some open-source projects and have a few personal projects of my own. I also really enjoy hikes. If you’re near Louisville, Kentucky ask me to get coffee sometime! I’m likely to say yes! *

*Twice as likely to say yes, if you offer to buy.

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