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Zero to Hero – Android App – Part 2 – Database

Oh, hey, didn’t see you there. Glad that you’ve came back for the next part of my Zero to Hero series! Let’s get right into it! Last time, we created an Android app from Android Studio and manually created the View (or the visual representation of one of our screens) for our application. If you’ve… Read more »

Zero to Hero – Android App – Part 1 – Views

App development is never a straight-forward task. In fact, apps are built from many components that handle specific needs. It’s up to you, the app developer, to determine which components you need, how they should be implemented, and how they should interface with the rest of the app. The most common component is called a… Read more »

Zero to Hero – Android App – Part 0 – Overview

I’ve decided to try something new with this post and start a new series called Zero to Hero. The concept behind this is simple – From no knowledge about the proposed domain, we’ll create something cool and get you started with the fundamentals of that domain. Zero knowledge isn’t to say I’ll teach you how… Read more »