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Python Length of a List

When writing Python, it’s fairly common to find yourself working with lists of data. Usually, you’ll also find yourself trying to figure out just how my items are in that list. Thankfully, in Python, finding the length of a list is fairly easy. The key takeaway here is the len function that’s built into Python…. Read more »

Why I Switched from Python to Clojure

First – a bit of background. When I first started learning programming, I started with a course in high school that focused on Java. From there, I decided I wanted to work for a start-up and I had to learn python (I was naive). I started playing with Python and it just felt right –… Read more »

Building a Jenkins CLI with Python

Jenkins, please. For those of you who don’t know, Jenkins is a continuous-integration (often refered to as CI) server based heavily off of Hudson. In-fact, they were one in the same before Oracle purchased Hudson, but a community fork happened and now Jenkins is the open-source version. There’s other CI Servers out there, Codeship and… Read more »

Writing a RESTful API in Flask & SQLAlchemy

First Thing’s First Why would we write this in Python? There’s already rails, spring, and the mean stack which can do the same thing. Let’s consider what Python gives us out of the box. Out of all the languages I’ve touched, it definitely has the easiest learning curve. The syntax is beautiful, and the “batteries… Read more »