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Developer Burnout: 9 Tips to Help

Burnout happens — especially developer burnout. It’s unfortunate, but a fact of life. However, it seems to happen to developers (and maybe Doctors, but you’re not my target audience) far more often than other professions. It may manifest in the emotion of dread, knowing you have to go in to work tomorrow. Or it may… Read more »

Building a Business on a Budget

IE: Seven cheap (or free) tools we use on Porios and you should use too! I’m a firm believer in the expression “You get what you pay for” but I’ve quickly learned the following: There are exceptions to this rule. You often don’t need as much as you think you do. Businesses will often times… Read more »

Programmer vs. Developer vs. Software Engineer

Systems Programmer. Software Engineer. Applications Developer. Have you ever wondered what the difference between these role actually is? Well, your best bet would be to ask the job poster but if they’re not available, my opinion might just have to suffice. Worth mentioning – my opinions are modeled mostly after my own career and some… Read more »

5 Programming Languages You Should Really Try

For some strange reason, the vast majority of my blog readers are Python Developers. I wrote two articles on Python a long time ago and honestly try to avoid python when I can. So here’s an article for you purveyors of Python — you sultans of snakes. Note: This article is still likely relevant even… Read more »

Trial by Code Review

Today wasn’t the day, but I remember it like it was. My first big project that I submitted at a big company working with engineers that I respected and looked up to. I pushed my code to our code review tool and anxiously awaited their feedback. Some of it was the most non-constructive feedback that… Read more »

Why I Switched from Python to Clojure

First – a bit of background. When I first started learning programming, I started with a course in high school that focused on Java. From there, I decided I wanted to work for a start-up and I had to learn python (I was naive). I started playing with Python and it just felt right –… Read more »

I’m Giving Up On Business

I like to consider myself as an idea-guy. I have ideas all the time, and I consistently try to validate them before trying them. One thing I’ve noticed, however, is I hardly do any of these ideas. Why? Because I’m bored as hell with the idea after I’ve talked to hundreds of customers, after I’ve… Read more »