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What is Scrum?

Scrum is designed to be simple.  It is a series of lightweight components that, when followed, have been show to improve team workflow. Scrum’s approach focuses on respect for people and self-organization to adapt to unpredictability and the difficulties that come with solving complex problems.  The Values of Scrum Scrum focuses on a set of… Read more »

On the Merits of Side Projects

After reading Spotify Lead Designer Tobias van Schneider’s outstanding post on side projects, I wanted to expand upon my feelings about them as well. Hopefully, if you’re not working on something outside of your normal day-to-day, you can find the motivation to start a side-project after reading this. There are really only four benefits I see to… Read more »

Programmer vs. Developer vs. Software Engineer

Systems Programmer. Software Engineer. Applications Developer. Have you ever wondered what the difference between these role actually is? Well, your best bet would be to ask the job poster but if they’re not available, my opinion might just have to suffice. Worth mentioning – my opinions are modeled mostly after my own career and some… Read more »