Category: DevOps

Deploying from Azure DevOps to DigitalOcean

Azure DevOps is one hell of a tool, but is it still an option if you don’t want to deploy code to Azure? Well, yes, although it is a lot easier to deploy to Azure than anything else. This makes sense given how the two integrate and are owned by the same company. However, I’m… Read more »

What Is Gradle Scan?

A Gradle scan is a build scan that provides insights into how your build ran and why it did what it did. Once you’ve generated a scan, you can share that with other members of your team (or anyone who may help diagnose issues) via a URL. Here’s a sample scan! Creating a Gradle Scan… Read more »

A Quick Script to Update All of Your NPM Dependencies

Nothing crazy here, I’ve just found myself chaining together pipes for something that I feel should ship with NPM. You can use this script to update all of your outdated dependencies to the latest. This is something you’ll want to do cautiously, definitely don’t run this and commit it without testing. However, if you have a pretty solid test suite, you can integrate something like this into your CI pipeline and fix forward should you find any issues.