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Building a CI/CD Pipeline for Dart Packages with Github Actions

If you look back at any of my blog posts, you’ll likely find an introduction like “Recently I was exploring…” This time is no different. I’ve been exploring Dart (and have dreams of a frontend framework written in Dart) as well as Github Actions. At work, we recently migrated TeamSnap UI (our open source component… Read more »

Working with JSON in Dart

JSON is, as of 2020, the communication standard for most web applications (comon gRPC! You can do it!). Naturally, if you’re building a Dart application, you’ll likely want to work with JSON. Dart’s built-in dart:convert package is just the tool that you need! Creating a Model One of the first things that you’ll probably want… Read more »

Dart’s Futures and Streams

Asynchronous programming in Dart is an absolute blast. Dart offers a couple of different options when writing asynchronous code: namely Futures and Streams. You can use both Futures and Streams to solve a lot of the same problems, but each serve their own purpose as well. Futures are a type that models a computation who’s… Read more »

The Many Constructors of Dart

Last night, as I was writing code in a Flutter app, I came across an interesting dilemma. I wanted to throw a custom exception if I was unable to sign in with Apple on the login screen — nothing too crazy. Naturally, this lead me to creating a custom exception. I tried something along the… Read more »