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I'm Giving Up On Business

Published: 4/20/2015

I like to consider myself as an idea-guy. I have ideas all the time, and I consistently try to validate them before trying them. One thing I’ve noticed, however, is I hardly do any of these ideas. Why? Because I’m bored as hell with the idea after I’ve talked to hundreds of customers, after I’ve gotten a 5% response rate on the hundreds of emails I hand wrote (or typed), and after I’ve let an idea sit in my brain and wilt for weeks. Yes, I get bored. I recently signed up to give a talk at the…

5 Things You Should Know Before Deploying Your Ionic App

Published: 2/23/2015

I’ve been out of the mobile app world for almost two years now, and it certainly has had some interesting advances, but the thing that drew me back in – Ionic. Ionic is an extremely powerful “hybrid” (air quotes around hybrid because it’s certainly not obvious) mobile app SDK. It recently hit version 1.0-BETA but don’t let that scare you. Hundreds of Ionic apps have been created and thousands more are in development even as we speak. What makes Ionic beautiful? I’m able to write my entire app…

Building a Jenkins CLI with Python

Published: 10/20/2014

Jenkins, please. For those of you who don’t know, Jenkins is a continuous-integration (often refered to as CI) server based heavily off of Hudson. In-fact, they were one in the same before Oracle purchased Hudson, but a community fork happened and now Jenkins is the open-source version. There’s other CI Servers out there, Codeship and Travis CI are two that come to mind, but I was introduced to Jenkins at work, and have been using it ever since. Setting Up I’ll be writing this script in Python…

Writing a RESTful API in Flask & SQLAlchemy

Published: 10/4/2014

First Thing’s First Why would we write this in Python? There’s already rails, spring, and the mean stack which can do the same thing. Let’s consider what Python gives us out of the box. Out of all the languages I’ve touched, it definitely has the easiest learning curve. The syntax is beautiful, and the “batteries included” principle of python just helps you get your server up very quick. Install python, find your dependencies, get coding. Heads up! This article is deprecated. It may not apply to…