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The Archives

Introducing the Fish Shell

Published: 2/13/2018

Fish is a command line shell that (in my workflow) replaces Bash -- the shell most developers are used to. There are plenty of alternatives to Bash, with Zsh being the most popular, but I'm hoping to give fish a shot by the end of this article. Let's discuss why I'm using fish and you should too!

Scheduling background tasks in Play with Scala

Published: 2/13/2018

A common theme with web applications is to run tasks in the background. Commonly, they're ran at set intervals. You'll find data processing servers, online-game servers, and several other types of servers using regularly scheduled background tasks and today, you'll learn how to implement these tasks in Play with Scala.

Provisioning a remote server with Ansible

Published: 11/22/2017

If you've ever manually provisioned a server before, you know the feeling of excitement that you receive once you're finished and your application is running on a remote machine. If you've ever provisioned two servers identically, you know the feeling of dread from getting it exactly right the second time. Thankfully, tools like Ansible exist to help us provision multiple servers exactly the same way.

Adding Trigram Searching to a Clojure Webapp with YeSQL, Migratus, and Postgres

Published: 10/29/2017

A Trigram is a three character subsection of a string of text. This allows you to match text if you're close to the actual text you're looking for. For example, the string foobar can be represented as the following trigrams: foo, oob, oba, bar. Click here to learn how to use Trigrams to elevate your search capabilities!

Using Futures in Clojure

Published: 10/29/2017

It’s late at night so I’ll keep this post short. I’m going to quickly cover how to use Futures in Clojure and why you would want to use them. Let’s start with the why. What is a Future? A future is simply a function that executes code on a background thread and can be dereferenced to get the result of that code. Here’s what they look like! This code will start a new thread, print “foo” and then do the heavy-lifting of calculating 1+1. Keep in mind the result of a future has to be dereferenced…

Gitting on like a house on fire

Published: 9/26/2017

As someone whose first job consisted of one codebase, production, and FTP deploys I can say that our developer tools have come a long way. Albeit there were version control tools when I started coding, I wasn’t introduced to them until I was introduced to Git. Still a phenomenal tool 7 years later, there’s so much to Git. I’m hoping to provide you with a few tips that you may not know to help your git workflow. Discarding the last commit Have you ever committed something to only realize that you…