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Upper and Lower Bounds in Scala

Published: 4/9/2018

Its pretty common to find yourself working with generics in Scala, but you may find yourself where you want a generic with some constraints. Generally, these constraints can be boiled down to "Subclass" or "Superclass" and Scala offers functionality out of the box to help facilitate this.

A Quick Script to Update All of Your NPM Dependencies

Published: 3/21/2018

Nothing crazy here, I've just found myself chaining together pipes for something that I feel should ship with NPM. You can use this script to update all of your outdated dependencies to the latest. This is something you'll want to do cautiously, definitely don't run this and commit it without testing. However, if you have a pretty solid test suite, you can integrate something like this into your CI pipeline and fix forward should you find any issues.

Creating a Java Bean from a Scala Class

Published: 3/9/2018

Sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation (like using Scala with Spring) where you need to generate a Java bean but would like to do that in Scala. By default, Scala classes don’t adhere to the requirements of the Bean definition, namely autogenerating getters and setters. Thankfully, there is a BeanProperty decorator that can be used in conjunction with the constructor definition to help adhere to the Bean specification. You can start using it by importing the BeanProperty like so: Then…

Modifying incoming requests via Charles Proxy

Published: 3/8/2018

Charles Proxy is an outstanding development tool that I’ve recently started to fall in love with. I think the most practical use of this tool is probably using the rewrite tool to rewrite outgoing or incoming requests, however, I’m going to talk to you about setting up request breakpoints. Breakpoints allow you to halt an incoming or outgoing requests, possibly modify it, and send it whenever you’re content with it. It’s a fantastic tool for simulating edge-cases like making an http request to a…

What the heck is Android's Proguard?

Published: 2/21/2018

Hello there Android developer or curious onlooker. Welcome back to another blog post talking about your favorite, my favorite, and the world's favorite mobile operating system. Today we're going to talk about Proguard and what that means for Android Developers.

Using Generics in Scala

Published: 2/15/2018

Scala has, in it's core library, several classes that are intended to contain (at some point or another) some instance of another class. A few examples of this are seen in Option and Future. These container classes allow you to act upon values that may or may not exist or even to work with values that should appear in the future (hence the name "Future"). The idea of these container classes is fundamentally simple.